Ordinary management training? No way. We are "trainers provocateurs"!  

Our main mission is to provoke participants' thinking, to get them out of their comfort zones, to disturb the status quo. The first step is to tackle the principal task of management training: to make participants see things that were always there, but which they were previously unaware of.

You cannot hope for different, better results, if you keep using the same old, inferior techniques! We call that naïve, or worse, insanity!

Why are we light years ahead of those 1-day "sitcom" seminars?

CP seminars are NOTyour common garden variety, such as those run by some training companies (you know which ones - you get their full-colour 4-page brochures through the mail all the time), where they herd 200-300 people (who each paid $199 or $299 for the day) into a huge auditorium and give them a 10-page booklet with parts of sentences missing. Then, they have to fill in the blanks - that is the only way to get them to listen to the presenter who talks non-stop. There is no interaction between the speaker and the listeners, and 80% of things heard (pretty basic, by the way) are soon forgotten!

Garden variety courses are for garden gnomes!

CP seminars are highly interactive and participative - we don't give you standard answers and simplistic one-liners (a substitute for practical advice) as most management seminars and books do.

We ask you for examples of your organisation's real life problems, issues from your past, current or future projects and then discuss them in detail (unless they are confidential or sensitive). If you cannot come up with examples of problems or bad management in your own organisation (highly unlikely, since bad management is everywhere, you just have to look for it and recognise it), we discuss examples from our experience, so you learn the cheap way - from the experience of others, rather than learning from your own (expensive) mistakes!


The power of scepticism and cynicism

Motivating participants and provoking them into thinking for themselves (instead of blindly following old rules, dubious directives from top management and myths that work against their interests) is not the whole story.

We also instil in them a healthy dose of scepticism, we show them how to keep their eyes open, to be on a lookout for unnecessary work, misdiagnosed problems, counterproductive proposals, unnecessary projects and other stupidities, inconsistencies and pure and simple incompetence among themselves, their consultants and contractors, and, especially, in middle and top management.

One of the problems of today's managers and professionals is that they blindly believe everything they hear or read in the ever-growing plethora of (quite bad) training seminars and (even worse) management books. Many of those seminars and most of those books are utter rubbish - a complete waste of time and money.

CP alternative? We show participants how to believe in their own power - the power of knowledge, practical experience and gut-feeling (ladies call it intuition or "sensing").

To succeed in the competitive business environment, you should adopt a healthy dose of cynicism - if you don't, you will be taken for a ride - you will believe everybody, you will pay too much for goods and services, you will be taken advantage of in negotiations, you will be passed over for promotions.


The power of AHA!

Today's managers and professionals are perfectly capable of mastering any subject and topic on their own - they do not need a management seminar for that.

However, there is one aspect they cannot that easily master through the process of self discovery and individual learning: the enlightenment that comes from the power of AHA! We help them to arrive at that AHA! faster and to enjoy themselves during the journey.

This makes the average investment in one of our seminars (public or in-house) insignificant, compared to the savingsyou will acheve as a result of just one AHA! idea, or when compared to the additional business and income your new skills will bring in!

Just one powerful idea gained during the process of reflection, encouragement and discussion at our seminars should bring you and your company improvements on a scale of 10-fold to 100-fold magnitude, compared to your investment in in-house training.

Act NOW!

Start challenging and empowering your people by organising a CP in-house seminar for your organisation. This may be the best investment decision you have made this year!


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